Motor Racing

Motor Racing - April 2015
Close Racing at Silverstone
10 April 2015

Today I visited Silverstone race track for a practice day in the World Endurance Car Championships. I don't really know one end of a racing car from the other but this was too much of a challenge for me to pass on. I had never attended a sport where you have to become adept at panning at relatively low shutter speeds (typically 1/60 sec) to achieve good results.

I actually attended with members of my local photoclub (Photofold CC of Billericay) and was assured by a motorsport enthusiast that there would only be about 50 people attending and they would all be photographers. He was wrong as there must have been a few thousand people. However, there was still plenty of room to walk all around the track, most of the grandstands and plenty of good viewpoints.

Close Racing at Silverstone

I took approximately 1,000 photographs with my camera on motordrive most of the time chasing cars around the track. In the end, once I returned home, I discovered that I had 12 images good enough to work on. Two are shown here. With the first image I must admit to "cheating" a little as it is a composite image of two cars that passed by the same point a few seconds apart. I thought it made for more visual excitement if they appeared to be in a close race.

Racing at Silverstone