Lavender Fields - July 2015
Mayfield Lavender Farm Surrey
This year I resolved to visit some UK lavender fields to take images of the rows of bright purple foliage. My original intention was to visit Cotswold Lavender near Broadway, Worcestershire (// However, this proved to be too far to travel, due to family commitments.

However, I was able to find two other lavender farms more conveniently placed. Links to these are shown below:



My visit to Norfolk Lavender Farm unfortunately coincided with a rainy, overcast day and became a washout. The visitor centre, whilst having an excellent cafe and giftshop, does not have a great deal of lavender on show. There are reputed to be 100 acres of lavender in the nearby vicinity but I never discovered them. This photograph was taken at the visitor centre and is only included to prove that I was there! It is not a good image.

Mayfield Lavender, only 15 miles from central London, in Banstead, Surrey was a much greater success. Good weather and 25 acres of lavender made for a productive day. Entry fee to this farm is only £1, and, so long as you are not taking "professional" photographs, you are free to take as many images with whatever equipment you bring along. Tripods are quite acceptable. I did see a professional photographer taking group family portraits and she had no doubt paid the £150 professional photographer's fee.

It was at this location that I obtained the kind of image I was seeking.
Mayfield Lavender Farm Surrey

Whilst I visited during the opening hours of 9 to 5 I noticed that there appears to be a public footpath through the main field so it would be possible to visit during the "golden hours" around sunrise or sunset.

Tractor and Lavender

If you are intending to visit a lavender farm please bear in mind that the crop is at its most colourful during July to mid-August. Toward the end of this period, depending on the weather, the crop will be harvested and there will be nothing left to photograph.