A Busy Few Days

A Busy Few Days 6 - 9 August 2015
The South Lookout Aldeburgh
6 - 9 August

Like buses, sometimes photo assignments all seem to happen along at once. 3 visits in 4 days certainly kept my shutter finger busy!
During this time I visited: Aldeburgh in Suffolk, Oulton Broad (near Lowestoft, Suffolk) for powerboat racing, the Historic Military Vehicle Association Annual Show at Upminster in Essex and finally sunset at North Fambridge in Essex.

Thursday 6 August Aldeburgh and Oulton Broad

Myself and some other photographers, from my local camera club, arrived at Aldeburgh, a coastal town in Suffolk, in time for lunch soon after midday. After satisfying our appetites it was time for photography. We went our separate ways and I decided to take shots of the fishing boats hauled up on the beach. Whilst these were pleasing to look at I don't feel I did them justice. However, I later found the South Lookout building further along the beach and this made for an excellent subject.
The South Lookout Aldeburgh

Presumably it was once used to see fishing boats out to sea as it is a low building with a tall narrow tower reached by an outside spiral staircase. The staircase was casting interesting shadows on the wall. The image I took owes a great deal to post-processing as I had to take some buildings and cars out of the picture and then use a texture to give the image a "surreal" feel.

We then moved on to Oulton Broad, further north along the Suffolk Coast, for an evening meeting of powerboat racing enthusiasts. I have mentioned before that fast-moving sports are not really my speciality. However, I like a challenge which this certainly was. The boats move very fast, very close and very noisily. Whilst a shutter speed of 1/400 will freeze action I found that panning at lower speeds gives a better impression of speed. It also gives a fairly low success rate. I found about 4 shots that I considered acceptable amongst the 900 I took.

Saturday 8 August Historic Military Vehicle Association show at Damyns Hall Aerodrome, Upminster

This was the 2nd year I had attended this show. It is held in an open field, near the aerodrome and consists of numerous static vehicle exhibits as well as an ongoing aerial display and reenacted battle scenes
There are a large number of people wandering around in period costumes (from medieval times to world war 2) so there is plenty to see and photograph. It was also a very hot day and, I have to admit, my attention was flagging after 3 hours.
HMVA Reenactment

Sunday 9 August North Fambridge

For some weeks I had been waiting for good weather to coincide with high tide and sunset at North Fambridge in Essex. My plan was to photograph a good sunset with say 50% cloud cover reflecting off the water surrounding the isolated house next to the river Crouch. Everything was perfect except for the clouds-there were hardly any. However, I decided to go anyway, if only to check out the location for a future trip. Fortune was on my side and a few clouds appeared near to sunset and so I did obtain a reasonable image. I shall return later in the year when the setting sun will be further south and such a panoramic shot will not be necessary.

Sunset at North Fambridge