Victorian Lighthouse

Dovercourt Lighthouse, Harwich - 18 January 2016
Dovercourt Lighthouse Sunrise
18th January 2016

The forecast was for cold but fairly clear weather, so I and some photographer friends, decided to set off at 06.30 in the morning and drive to Dovercourt, Harwich in time for the sunrise. It was certainly cold (2 degrees c), but it was well worthwhile as we were treated to a colourful sunrise and the pleasure of moving about the lighthouse searching for different compositions.

Dovercourt Lighthouse Sunrise

The lighthouse in the images stands out in the sea and is built in a position such that it lines up with a 2nd lighthouse on the beach. The two beacons form a line that used to assist boats in navigating into Harwich harbour. The structures were built in 1860, became disused at the end of the Great war and were restored in the 1980s. Today it seems that their main purpose is to serve as an excellent photographic subject involving compositions incorporating the beach, groynes and waves.

I made extensive use of my Lee Big Stopper filter in order to make exposures of up to two minutes. In this way the waves both on the sea surface and breaking on the beach are reduced to a milky appearance and the structure of the lighthouse and groynes stand out as an almost abstract subject.

Dovercourt Lighthouse Mono

We later moved to Halfpenny Pier in Harwich. As well as having an excellent cafe for breakfast, the pier gives views of Harwich docks. There may be photo opportunities here, but I was not inspired on this occasion as the light was not good enough.