My CPAGB Adjudication

My CPAGB Adjudication - 24 April 2016
Am I good enough?
24 April 2016

Having committed to a PAGB adjudication many months ago, the time arrived for the actual event. If you wish to read about the details please see my earlier blog CPAGB blog article...

Having travelled to Gateshead (a trip of 280 miles) I reported to reception in the Joseph Swan Academy (a school) and duly handed my ten prints in for my adjudication on Sunday 24 April. There were other adjudications taking place on the Saturday so I sat in on those and was treated to a view of some very good club photography.
On the Sunday the event started promptly at 10.30 with a total of 620 prints being placed in front of 6 judges who all had the power to score as follows:

Score 2 - not up to standard
Score 3 - a 'near miss'
Score 4 - up to standard
Score 5 - above standard

Each image was on display for only 10 seconds or so and then the aggregate score from 6 judges was called out. The image was also displayed at the same time on a large screen so that the audience had a good view of the image being assessed.
For each applicant with a total of ten prints it was necessary to achieve an overall score of a minimum 200 points in order to pass. Given that each image was being assessed by 6 judges it is thought that this is the best way to achieve an objective assessment. It was possible to sit in the audience and, after a while, start guessing the score with some accuracy. Each individual's prints came up 62 images after the previous one. So by taking note of the time between the first two it was possible to know roughly when your subsequent prints were to appear.

I am pleased to report that I did meet the necessary standard and can now put the letters CPAGB after my name. I don't think I shall actually do so unless it is for an official photography related subject. My main reason for putting myself through this process was to prove to myself that I was up to the standard.

If you want to see how I fared then please watch this short slideshow: Youtube slideshow