Dungeness and Jury's Gap

A Shingle Desert, Shipwrecks and Shimmering Sand - 6 August 2016
Jurys Gap Sussex
6 August 2016

I last visited Dungeness in Kent a few years ago, and felt that it was time for a return. I arrived soon after sunrise but, as it was such a clear sky, the light was very harsh and made for deep shadows under and around the wrecks that litter the beach here. Nevertheless, as the sun rose a little higher I found a wreck that was sympathetically lit and managed to grab a couple of reasonable shots. The surrounding plant life and discarded rope added to the composition.

Rope and Boat Dungeness

If you wish to know more about Dungeness, here is a link to my Locations page where you will find further information: Dungeness, Kent......

I wandered around the beach for an hour or so, viewing the scattered buildings, the nuclear power station and the lighthouses. However, given the unfavourable lighting conditions I did not feel inspired to stay.

By 9am I had returned to my car and driven a short distance to the west, further along the coast, to see if I had any luck at Jury's Gap beach. On this occasion this venue held out much better prospects for photography. At low-tide (which it was) Jury's Gap is a vast area of sandy beach backed by substantial new sea defences and with scenic remains of old groynes extending out from the beach head. By now it was a pleasant sunny day with some wisps of cloud on the horizon. The golden sand and bright blue sea and sky made for great compositional opportunities utilising distant views of dog-walkers and runners on the beach.

Jurys Gap Sussex

Although it was not happening whilst I was there, later in the day, if it is windy, there are good opportunities to photograph wind and kitesurfers..