My Photo Yearbook - Printing My Best Images

My Photo Yearbook - Printing My Best Images of 2016 - February 2017
Bruges From Rozenhoedkaai
February 2017

Countless millions of photographs are taken across the world daily on telephones and cameras by novices, keen amateurs and professionals. Only a tiny percentage of these images are ever printed and most languish in digital format in computer or telephone memory systems. Eventually when the computer or telephone breaks down, or is discarded, unless they were backed-up, the images are lost. There is genuine concern that much of the photographic record of current times will be lost to the future as our ever-improving technology renders current memory storage systems obsolete and the data stored on them irrecoverable.

When I used to take photographs on a film camera (remember those?) I would have all my exposures printed (at what now seems great cost) and store the best of them in photo albums. Admittedly, these albums accumulated in a wardrobe and were rarely referred to. However, the prints were in a permanent format and, if I needed to, I could always refer to them to check on an event or compare how my photography had changed or improved over time.

For some years now I have done something similar with my digital photo files. Once a year I will look through my images from the previous 12 months and select the best to be displayed in a printed book. There are a number of websites that provide a book design software package that you can load your images into, write as much text as you wish and then upload the book to their printing system. The service I use is called Blurb. Here is a link to the website:

Blurb Website...

The following points are of interest:
  • You download the free software from the website
  • With the software you are able to design your book to suit your requirements
  • The software takes a while to learn but is fairly self-explanatory. Video tutorials are on the website
  • Books can vary in size from 7 inches by 7 inches to 12 inches by 12 inches
  • A wide variety of papers are available and books can be softback or hardback
  • Once you have designed your book you upload it to the website and then decide on paper grades etc. It is at this point you make payment for a minimum of one book.
  • Discounts are available for multi copy orders.
  • At the same time that you order your book you can purchase an electronic copy for viewing on an I pad, Kindle or Android device
  • You can also choose to sell your book to the public via the Blurb bookstore or Amazon. You incorporate a profit element into the overall pricing. I did this out of curiosity with a book I produced some years ago about a trip to New Zealand. Considering the overall price was about £80 I was pleasantly surprised to sell 2 copies.
  • Once you are on Blurb’s mailing list you will be regularly contacted with special offers. I always wait for a discount offer of at least 35% before I place my order.
  • My latest 2016 Photo Book cost me £90.00 after 35% discount. This is for a 114 page 12” by 12” hardback book printed on top quality photographic paper. I am happy to pay this price as the resulting book is an excellent presentation of a year’s work and is considerably cheaper than the annual cost of prints from film days.

Below is a link to a preview of my latest book on Blurb. This will give you an indication of the kind of personalised book you can prepare.