Deal, Kent

Wet Weather Photography - 27 February 2017
Monday 27 February

Deal is a small town on the Kent coast and the weather forecast for my one day visit was "heavy rain showers". For once the forecasters were accurate.

My first location was the pier. This structure is not particularly photogenic, being of mainly concrete construction, but before leaving it I did catch some water spray shots as the stormy seas forced their way up through the timber decking at the end of the pier. I walked along the promenade after leaving the pier and then the heavens decided to open. At this point I took the opportunity to shelter from the heavy rain by seeking refuge in the covered doorway of what appeared to be a disused cinema facing out to sea. I noticed a pleasing composition of seawall, bench and lamppost opposite - all it lacked was some human interest. I set up my tripod, camera and remote release and waited for someone to come along. I took a number of images of various people hurrying along but particularly liked the lady with the hood. The 6 images I took using motor-drive were combined and converted to black and white in Photoshop.

Hurrying Home

After lunch the rain eased for a while and I walked along the beach until I spotted a groyne marker that would make a good subject for a long-exposure shot. As you can see, the marker stands out as the only solid man-made object in this image. The clouds and sea surface are rendered a pastel blue in contrast to the isolated red colour of the marker. This was a 102 second exposure using a ten-stop neutral density filter.


if there is a moral to the story of this day it is that images can be found regardless of how bad the weather seems. There is no point sheltering indoors just because rain, storm and tempest are forecast. Get out there and learn new photography techniques to gain more experience and expand the variety of images in your portfolio.