Essex Fields
My home county. Not an area that immediately springs to mind for photographic opportunities, but they can be found if you persevere!

  • Location: Hyde Hall RHS, Creephedge Lane, Chelmsford, Essex, CM3 8ET
  • Type: Garden
  • What to Shoot: Landscapes, flowers, insects (macro), people
  • Comment: This is a 360 acre garden run by the Royal Horticultural Society. If you are an RHS member then entry is free, otherwise it is £8.50 per adult. The garden has many aspects to entice a photographer, be it individual flowers, the well planted lakes, the surrounding fields or the picturesque dry garden. There is plenty of parking, two cafe/restaurants and a well-stocked shop. I typically spend two or three hours just wandering around seeing what there is to attract me, each time I visit.

Essex Fields

  • Location: Tollesbury, nine miles east of Maldon
  • Type: Coastal village at mouth of river Blackwater
  • What to Shoot: Old, but newly renovated, sail loft buildings, mudflats, boats and above all the lightship
  • Comment: Tollesbury is a small village at the mouth of the river Blackwater in Essex. It's main trade is oysters. It is possible to park just beyond the sail loft buildings near the river front. A little further on is the Granary a dilapidated, but photogenic, building that was a regional runner-up in the BBC Restoration Village competition. I normally coincide my visits to this village with a low tide so that it is possible to take the public footpath around the back of the sail-lofts onto the marshes and walk out to the lightship. Be warned that if you are tempted to wade out into the mud for a better view it is very glutinous and you may have trouble extracting your wellington boots. Exercise caution.

The Lightship Tollesbury
Tollesbury Sail Lofts

  • Location: North Fambridge is on the north bank of the river Crouch.
  • Type: Coastal village on the Dengie peninsula.
  • What to Shoot: Yachts on the river or mudbanks at low tide. The isolated house surrounded by water at high tide - especially at sunset.
  • Comment: For the best views of the river drive through the small village and take Ferry Road, past The Ferryboat Inn and park your car. You then walk a further 100 yards till you come to the river. Sunset is the ideal time here as the colours of the sky are reflected in the water.

Sunset at North Fambridge
North Fambridge Essex at Dusk